ACPA (American Concrete Pumping Assn.)

The shortest Schwing boom is long on versatility with
820 degrees of total articulation from the Double Z
for residential, specialty and commercial work.
As the only boom in your yard or as an addition to your fleet, you will rarely come up
short with an S 32 X (104’11" reach) or S 36 X (115’6" reach). And with the popular
Roll and Fold® design of these booms you will enjoy low unfolding height and fast
cleanout so you can pump more jobs in a day. Three-axle truck mounting gets you
into jobs and around town with easy maneuverability for high utilization.
The standard pump kits on these models are the fuel efficient 2023-5 130/80 MPS
(32X) providi
The longest Schwing boom on a three axle
truck under 60,000 pounds. Ideal for any
project - residential, commercial and industrial.
Enjoy long reach with smart design. Congested job sites are no match for the maneuverable 47Z. The five-section Z-Fold boom maneuvers in, over and around obstacles for efficient concrete placement in difficult to reach places, yet still provides vertical reach of 151 feet 3 inches and 138 feet 1 inch of horizontal reach. The well-designed Putzmeister boom gives you smooth concrete flow while the smallest front outrigger footprint of all models in its class gets you to places others can’t go.
Putzmeister’s 58-Meter boom pump offers the One-Sided Support (OSS) outrigger system allowing the operator to reduce the outrigger extension on one side of the unit to create a smaller overall machine footprint. Combined with its lighter and more resilient 4-section roll-and-fold “smart design” boom engineered to adapt to different loads, the 58-Meter meets the needs of demanding job sites.
105' TB Conveyor
Operating at up to 5 cubic yards per minute, the Putzmeister Telebelt® TB 110 can quickly convey a wide variety of materials ranging from sand to 4-inch rock. The four-section telescopic conveyor provides 106 feet 1 inch of horizontal reach in heights as low as 15 feet 9 inches with smooth, surge-free conveying. Setup is quick and easy in congested areas, even in rough terrain, with its unique butterfly outriggers.
2.5" or 4" Trailer
Being a small concrete pump and also a very mobile concrete pump, a line pump can fit into tight, confined areas of a construction site that a larger boom concrete pump truck, because of its outriggers, just won't fit.
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